Office Technology Management - Course Descriptions

OTM1210L Business Documentation I (3 Credits)
This course provides training in keyboard skills and document formatting using a word-processing application program. Students participate in simulated office projects to develop competencies in language art skills and document production. (Must achieve a grade of B or better in order to use as a prerequisite for OTM2210L, or PODC)
OTM1250L Administrative Office Management (3 Credits)
The theory and practice of office management, concepts and applications of personnel, system interactions, and information technology are covered. Keyboarding skills are required.
OTM1310L Medical Terminology (3 Credits)
This course establishes the foundation for the medical courses offered in the program. The parts, definitions, applications, and spelling of medical terms will be covered.
OTM1400L Principles of Records Management (2 Credits)
A comprehensive course designed to develop proficiency and competency in managing paper and computer records based on ARMA rules.
OTM1560L Law and Ethics for the Medical Professional (3 Credits)
Students will gain a working knowledge of the complex legal, moral, and ethical issues pertaining to the health profession.
OTM2210L Business Documentation II (3 Credits)
This course focuses on the production of business documents by integrating software applications including word processing, spreadsheets and data management, as well as Windows and desktop publishing. Prerequisites: OTM1210L or LOTM1210 with a grade of B or better, or PODC; CIS1320L or LCIS1320 or permission of instructor)
OTM2250L Administrative Office Procedures (3 Credits)
A systematic simulation-related approach to the increasing complexities of tasks and technology faced by office support personnel. (Prerequisites: OTM2210L or LOTM2210, CIS1320L or LCIS1320 or permission of instructor)
OTM2260L Legal Office Procedures (3 Credits)
This course provides a task-related approach to basic law office procedures, as well as general legal research, law office ethics, the court system, etc. (Prerequisites: OTM1250L or LOTM1250, CIS1320L or LCIS1320 or permission of instructor)
OTM2270L Medical Office Procedures (3 Credits)
This course provides a realistic approach for students to learn the skills required in a medical office including communications, records management, telecommunications, billing, scheduling and terminology. (Prerequisites: OTM1250L or LOTM1250, OTM1310L or LOTM1310, CIS1320L or LCIS1320 or permission of instructor)
OTM2520L Medical Insurance Billing (3 Credits)
This course develops the skills to apply information using proper coding and billing procedures. (Prerequisites: OTM1210L or LOTM1210, OTM1310L or LOTM1310 or permission of instructor)

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