Program Outcomes

As all Nursing Program Students, regardless of pathway are required to meet the minimum standards through the application process and through-out the program, The LRCC Nursing Faculty have created a set of Program Outcomes that set standards for the program, the faculty and the students in order to maintain accreditation and enrollment.

  1. Aggregate three-year performance on the NCLEX-RN Licensure Exam will be at or above the national mean for the same three years
  2. Program completion rate at (6 semesters) will be at a 3 year mean of 50% or above.
  3. Student nurse satisfaction scores will register at an aggregate mean of 4.0 or above using a five-point Likert scale on the End of Program survey.
  4. Employer satisfaction scores will register at an aggregate mean of 4.0 or above using five-point Likert scale, six months to twelve months post-licensure.
  5. Job placement rates will be at or above 85% six to twelve months post-licensure.