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Media Arts and Technology focuses on the concepts, processes and production of digital filmmaking. Lakes Region Community College’s Media Arts Program prides itself on encouraging student creativity while instilling the necessary technical skills and work ethics to live your dream.

The Media Arts and Technology Program is committed to educating responsible filmmakers. Here we guide you through your raw ideas to your finished product with the fundamentals of scriptwriting, pre-visualization and planning, cinematography, non-linear editing with Final Cut Pro, visual effects with After Effects, and post-production techniques and mastering including DVD creation. Media Arts and Technology students will have a comprehensive core of courses that will assist them in meeting their individual career or transfer focus. The program focus will include a detailed education in cinematography and digital filmmaking practice, history and criticism, and encourages critical exploration of emerging forms of visual storytelling. This program encourages student experimentation and personal growth.

Technical Requirements

    In order to be successful in the Media Arts and Technology Program a student must:
  • have command of the English language;
  • have a high school degree or equivalent;
  • be able to complete requirements for college level classes;
  • have normal vision for reading instructions and course materials
    and for performing manipulative tasks;
  • have reading comprehension skills sufficient to read and comprehend service literature;
  • be able to understand and follow both written and oral instructions;
  • have communication skills sufficient to prepare required reports;
  • have sufficient vision to distinguish colors, read gauges, scopes, diagnostic equipment and information from a computer screen (adaptive equipment acceptable);
  • have a good eye for detail/ attitude toward quality
  • have sufficient hearing to distinguish various sounds and noises(adaptive equipment acceptable);
  • have the ability to stand for extended periods of time;
  • have the physical strength to lift 50 lbs;
  • have a sufficient dexterity to perform manual skills related to graphics industry;
  • have adequate typing skills;
  • have a good understanding of measurement systems;
  • have a basic mechanical aptitude;
  • have the ability to work with others;
    As a result of completing the Media Arts and Technology Program, the student will be able to:
  • demonstrate an understanding of the theory and processes associated with the Media Arts profession;
  • understand and use appropriately, in both verbal and written context, the technical vocabulary associated with the Media Arts profession;
  • demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking skills to successfully problem solve audio, video and interactive tasks;
  • demonstrate the skills and attitudes of a lifelong learner.

Contact Wayne Fraser in Admissions at (603) 524-3207 to get started in this exciting and creative industry.

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