Liberal Arts Faculty Directory


Kathleen Kenney, Professor,
Department Chair - Liberal Arts 
B.A. English, Mt. St. Mary College
M.Ed., Notre Dame College
Phone: 603-366-5243
Janet Bloom, Professor of Sciences
A.B., Harvard University;
A.L.M., Harvard University.
PhD Candidate, Clayton College
Phone: 603-366-5378
Scott Cracraft, Professor -
History and Political Sciences
B.A. Political Science, Albion College, Michigan
M.A. History, Southeast Missouri State University
PhD Candidate, University of Memphis
Phone: 603-366-5213
Art Deleault, Professor of English 
B.A. English, St. Anselm College
M.A. Writing/Literature, Rivier College
Phone: 603-366-5250
Nancy Eckert, Science
M.S.C.C. Northeastern University;
B.S.M.T. University of Connecticut.
Phone: 603-366-5335
Julie Morin, Professor of Mathematics
B.S. Industrial Engineering,
M.S. Industrial and Management Engineering,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Phone: 603-366-5233
Steven A. Oliver, Professor of Sciences 
Department Chair, Science & Math
B.S. Physics: University of Massachusetts at Amherst
M.S. Physics: Northeastern University
Ph.D. Physics: Northeastern University
Phone: 603-366-5384
Professor SeigleFran Seigle, Professor of Mathematics
B.A. Mathematics, Montclair State College, NJ
Phone: 603-366-5248
Professor Seigle has worked at LRCC for 22 years. She has participated in:
Tech Prep/School-to-Work Connection Program, a Math curriculum re-design, and several accreditations.
Professor Seigle is a textbook reviewer for Prentice Hall.
She is also a member of NEMATYC (New England Mathematical Association for two-year colleges) and has presented a workshop for NEMATYC on the use of activities in the college math classroom.
Before coming to LRCC, Professor Seigle worked for General Dynamics in the Electric Boat Division (designers and  builders of submarines) in Groton, Connecticut. She was assigned to the Pipe Stress Analysis Section and worked on a re-fit of the Nautilus (first nuclear submarine).
Interests include her family, and neuroscience as it applies to learning math.