Technical Requirements

Technical Standards have been established as guidance tools to inform program applicants of skills and standards necessary for successful completion of the Human Service Programs. Any applicant who has concerns or questions regarding the Technical Standards is encouraged to contact the Department Head to discuss their individual issues.

Students entering Human Services programs must demonstrate:

  • command of the English language;
  • ability to communicate verbally as a student in class, and later as a professional in individual work environments;
  • sufficient verbal skills and language to collaborate with a wide variety of helping professionals in clinical, societal, and professional areas;
  • deliver accurate and required information; and to search for information, e.g., questioning;
  • sufficient writing ability to formulate written assessment, charting notes, and reports, etc.;
  • ability to sustain cognitive integrity in areas of short and long-term memory, areas of written documentation, and follow through of responsibilities;
  • ability to concentrate on the execution of treatment plans, assigned skills, and tasks as well as the integration and communication of this work for both short and long-term periods of time;
  • ability to work in settings that may lend themselves to frequent interruptions, immediate crisis response, and role responsibility exchange;
  • ability to cope with a variety of stressors, including people place occurrences, and demonstrate safe and required care for individuals and the workplace as a whole;
  • ability to secure transportation to practicum sites and classes;
  • ability to consistently attend and participate in classes;
  • ability to demonstrate and maintain organizational skills, time management and professional respect and conduct as a human service student, either at practicum site, or in the community;
  • ability to adhere to and practice the Human Service Department's ethical guidelines.

Upon completion of the program the successful student will be prepared to:

  • enter occupations in public and private human services agencies;
  • enhance and strengthen the individual capacities of those they work with, encouraging full community participation;
  • demonstrate skills and knowledge related employment in the human services profession;
  • pursue further studies leading to advanced academic degrees and special certifications.

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