General Studies

studentsThe General Studies degree offers a flexible curriculum that students can tailor to individual professional needs. This flexibility includes meeting the needs of students who wish to transfer acceptable credits earned at other colleges. This self-designed degree requires a total of 64 credits, with a minimum of 32 credits in the major-related or core courses.

Since the General Studies curriculum meets the individual needs of each student, and allows for exploration of options not provided within existing degree programs, it is imperative that the student formulate and identify his/her own career goal with the assistance of the General Studies advisor. The final plan must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs prior to matriculation.

All college policies, including residence credits, apply to this degree. It is recommended that the applicant begin the process by contacting the General Studies advisor or the Vice President of Academic Affairs for specific information.

Graduates of the Laconia program will meet expected outcomes including the ability to:

  • demonstrate integrity, responsibility, perseverance and tolerance of ambiguity through the acquisition of knowledge and skills for leadership, further education and team work;
  • communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally;
  • demonstrate a process for evaluating information rationally and consistently;
  • demonstrate scientific thought both quantitatively and qualitatively by learning to recognize and formulate questions for analysis of human and technical problems.

Students may start this degree program in the fall, spring or summer semester.

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