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Employment opportunities in New Hampshire, in early childhood education and childcare, remain excellent; and will continue to grow.

Sixty-seven percent of children under the age of six in New Hampshire receive some form of childcare provided by persons other than their parents. Many of these young children spend eight to eleven hours each day in childcare. Because of a shortage of trained directors, teachers, and workers, many childcare programs strive, but are unable to fully meet the developmental needs of children in their care.

The Early Childhood Education Associate in Science degree program provides theoretical and practical experiences for preparation to work as an Early Childhood Education Director, responsible for the care and education of young children, management of personnel, finances, and facilities of an early childhood education program.

The certificate prepares graduates to become childcare teachers. The Early Childhood Education program seeks students who have a strong desire to nurture and care. To ensure that the Early Childhood Education Associate in Science applicant chooses the appropriate career, candidates are encouraged to meet with the program coordinator and the college counselor.

For information about tuition assistance, visit the Early Childhood Education Tuition Assistance page. Successful completion of this program satisfies New Hampshire Childcare Bureau of Licensing requirements for certification as a childcare director or teacher. This program also provides an ideal preparation for those students wishing to continue their education on the baccalaureate level.

Laconia Head Start Support for Lakes Region Community College

When I begin to interview for an open position at Head Start, and Early Head Start, I find myself looking for Lakes Region Community College course work on the resume.

There is a connection that I hope will continue between LRCC and Laconia Head Start: staff who have experienced early childhood classes through LRCC prove themselves to be professional, dedicated educators. They know the needs of the Laconia community and become vested in the type of quality program we strive to achieve. It always impresses me to see the number of staff who take advantage of the relevant class selection, even after completing requirements for employment or degrees.


Read a Testimonial from Lakes Region Child Care Services

Testimonial from LRCCS

"We believe that children should be given opportunities for healthy development from the beginning.  Success depends upon staff members’ knowledge and understanding of how experiences affect the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of children in our care.  Lakes Region Community College (LRCC) is essential in providing a foundation of learning that allows students to explore and experience best practice, and implement strategies in the classroom.  Through collaboration with LRCC we offer students the opportunity to get hands-on experience while developing positive relationships and strategies that work to keep children engaged.  LRCC supports independent learning and provides students with information to develop teaching philosophies, expand knowledge into practice, and promote best practice in the field of early care and education.  Lakes Region Child Care Services (LRCCS) is invested in the relationship that we have with students enrolled in LRCC and we are often able to provide employment upon graduation.  Those employees have knowledge of developmental milestones, an understanding of curriculum and the importance of family relationships, are committed to the field, can articulate and express ideas openly, offer activities to engage children, reflect and assess on practices and have an understanding of environment.  These are essential qualities in maintaining an effective program for children."
Tricia Patten
Child Care Center Site Supervisor, CACFP Rep


The New Hampshire Bureau of Childcare Standards and Licensing may restrict certification of candidates who have been involved in civil or criminal action. Questions about certification restrictions should be addressed to the New Hampshire Bureau of Childcare Standards and Licensing.

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