Business Management - Course Descriptions

BUS1150L Professional Development (1 Credit)
This course is designed to improve professional growth in individuals. Topics include business etiquette, appearance, attitude, networking, decision-making, personal and professional growth plans.

BUS1300L Introduction to Business (3 Credits)
The study of business world operations including the wide range of occupational functions and the American economic system.

BUS1350L Small Business Management (3 Credits)
Problems of small business operation, going into business, financing a business, the feasibility study, marketing, and management of business phases.

BUS1752L Cooperative Education (3 Credits)
Provides the opportunity for the student to utilize learned course competencies in a real-life setting. Provides supplemental laboratory experience on an extensive array of equipment and processes. (Prerequisite: Approval of advisor and department chair)

BUS2310L Principles of Management (3 Credits)
A comprehensive survey of the principles and practices of management as they are currently being applied in the United States and abroad. The two continuing themes throughout the course are: (1) the never-ending effort by managers and organizations to meet or exceed customer needs and (2) the need for effective leadership in organizations. Emphasis is placed on determining the role of a manager through the leadership process. Individual and group-work dynamics are explored through case studies, research, and experiential exercises. (Prerequisite: BUS1300L or LBUS1300 or permission of instructor)

BUS2330L Supervision (3 Credits)
Studies techniques and responsibilities involved in the supervision of employees in business management. Examines human behavior which encourages productive business relationships at all levels. Management of projects and customer service functions are studied. Students learn to work with minimal supervision and to effectively supervise the work of others.

BUS2380L Business Law I (3 Credits)
Origins of law, federal and state court systems, classification of criminal and tort law; a working knowledge of the law of contracts, and sales and consumer protection as applied to everyday usage.

BUS2390L Business Law II (3 Credits)
A study of the law of personal property and bailment; real property, wills, intestacy and trusts; commercial paper; insurance, secured transactions and bankruptcy; agency and employment; business organization and regulation and emerging trends and issues. In addition, the course is designed to enable students to better comprehend the rules of conduct they can reasonably expect from others, as well as the conduct others may expect from them in various business situations. (Prerequisite: BUS2380L or LBUS2380)

BUS2400L Introduction to Project Management (3 Credits)
This course will provide students with basic skills to define, analyze and manage projects. By using a variety of automated tools and working with a hands-on case study, students will become familiar with project feasibility, cost benefit analysis, and the development of a project plan. Students will also become familiar with a systems development methodology (SDM) and structured business systems analysis.

BUS2410L Human Resource Management (3 Credits)
The study of human resource issues affecting employees in present and future organizations.

BUS2520L Introduction to International Business (3 Credits)
Study of today’s globalization process, international environment and management operations for a multilateral corporation. Particular focus on the organizational, marketing and production strategies employed by companies in a world market. (Prerequisites: BUS1300L or LBUS1300, and SOSC2310L or LSOC2310 or SOSC2320L or LSOC2320)

BUS2600L Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)
Product, pricing, promotion and channels of distribution. Marketing in retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing companies.

BUS2610L Social Media Marketing (3 Credits)
This course will examine the use of social media marketing today. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use social media to market a business, and/or themselves as business professionals. Attention will be focused on efforts used through the Internet to connect and network with customers and other businesses through digital channels. Areas to be covered include: customer service, building brand loyalty, expanding markets, and creating sales. Students will utilize a variety of social media, including blogs, wikis, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  (Fall 2014)

BUS2650L Independent Study (3 Credits)
Students in an independent study option will engage in learning about topics of special interest and/or need. Written reports on the topics of the independent study are required.

FIN1800L Personal Financial Management (3 Credits)
This course studies the fundamental financial planning procedures and controls for personal finances to include managing assets, credit, insurance needs, budgets, retirement, and estate planning. Students will also be introduced to the concepts of investment as part of the planning procedures, as well as career planning

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