Frequently Asked Questions

Q.     Why should I choose Laconia’s ASEP over other general automotive training programs?

A.    Our ASEP program offers you something you can’t get from general training programs—experience in a GM dealership/AC Delco TSS center. You can’t learn the tricks of the trade from a textbook, a classroom, or even a school shop. The real-world experience you’ll receive from your dealer internship will put you far ahead of others with only classroom experience.

Q.     Is the dealer internship the only time we’ll spend working on cars?

A.    Good question. Many training programs include shop lessons—an opportunity for students to work on cars, but be sure to ask these schools what kind of cars you will be working on. It doesn’t matter how good the instructors are, or how thorough the curriculum is, if you are working on cars that are out-of-date. If the cars you train on are ten years old, your skills are ten years old. At ASEP, we receive updated GM models every year, so you are always learning the latest technology—by working on the latest cars.

Q.     I know that automobiles these days are very sophisticated. How much do I need to know about cars before I enter this program?

A.    While it is useful to have a background in auto mechanics, it is not essential. Our job is to give you that background—with excellent instruction, the latest equipment, and a curriculum designed to take you from the beginning and lead you through the intricacies of the automobile. And because we limit the size of our classes, our instructors have the time to work with you individually and give you the attention you need.

Q.     Do I get paid for the work I do for the dealership during my internship?

A.    Yes. Your pay will vary—you negotiate the rate with your dealer.   Your earnings will significantly offset the cost of your ASEP tuition, books, and tools.

Q.     Why do we need to take college courses? I’m very interested in becoming a GM Technician, but I’m not sure I want or need—or can handle—college courses.

A.    The ASEP program is designed to give you all the knowledge and experience you need to become a first rate technician—a technician who will excel in a dealership service environment. So where do the college courses fit in? At Laconia, we understand that a good technician understands mechanics. An excellent technician understands people. The college courses required round out your education; develop your “people skills”, and give you the background you’ll need to pursue management opportunities that may come your way. And because we require college entrance exams before you enroll, we can identify ahead of time, areas—if any—that you may have difficulty with. Help, when needed, is available from the College.

Q.     Is employment with a dealer guaranteed when I graduate from this program?

A.    No college or educational program can guarantee its graduates a job in the future, but ASEP comes very close to doing just that. ASEP students are already working while in school. They receive training on specific products and dealership operations. ASEP graduates earn STC credits toward fulfilling minimum training requirements that GM dealerships are obligated to meet. This makes them a valuable addition to the dealership.

Q.     The program sounds great, but why should I limit myself to GM?

A.    The need for well-educated GM/AC Delco technicians to repair and service automobiles will be around for many years to come. Today’s cars are becoming more complex every day, and each manufacturer is applying the rapidly advancing electronic and computer technologies in its own way. The theory, procedures and diagnostic processes learned are transferable to other makes and models. The laws of physics do not change. Bottom line: it’s becoming more and more difficult for the average mechanic to keep up with the new technology for all cars. In terms of career opportunities, a “general mechanic” can’t compete with a specialist. And if you’re going to specialize, go with a winner. GM is the largest manufacturer of automobiles. If you’re looking for the best GM training program, you’ve found it in ASEP.

Q.     How do I sign up?

A.    Call Lakes Region Community College’s Admissions Department or the GM ASEP Office at  (603) 524-3207.