Integrated Arts at LRCC

Integrated Art Certificate

Fine Arts majors who are interested in a teaching career have the option of pursuing a certificate program in Integrated Arts. This certificate will provide a thorough introduction to the discipline of teaching, emphasizing an approach to teaching art that integrates learning with other school disciplines. Integrated Arts is provides learning "in and through" the arts, providing a conceptual framework for meaningful learning across the K-12 curriculum.

Certified K-12 art teachers will find the Integrated Arts Certificate a valuable professional development addition to their skill and knowledge base. The certificate will enhance the scope of teachers' art curricula, develop skills in collaborating with colleagues to create exciting and meaningful arts-based activities, and will prepare teachers to pursue graduate work in Integrated Arts.

Certificate Requirements

Course #   CL LAB CR
ARTS1400L   Exploration of the Visual Arts 3 0 3
ARTS1500L   Introduction to Art Education 3 0 3
ECE2250L   Art, Music, Drama & Movement 3 0 3
EDU2090L   Integrated Arts 3 0 3
EDU2200L   Integrated Arts Service Learning Project 1 4 3
    Totals 13 4 15

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