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Welcome to the wide and wonderful world of Art!

The Fine Arts program at Lakes Region CC offers a solid foundation of drawing, figure study, 2-D and 3-D design, and art history, plus additional studio courses such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. Our new Introduction to Art Education course gives budding art and classroom teachers a strong underpinning with which to build their career. Also offered throughout the year are a number of short-term workshops, programs and events for students and faculty, and exhibits.

Students at workOur Laconia campus is large enough to offer a broad range of programs and disciplines, yet small enough for personal attention and the feel of community. This setting allows for rich possibilities of interdisciplinary, or crossover, teaching and learning. In this larger context, the study of Fine Arts offers important connections to critical thinking, writing, literature, and the humanities. Focused connections can be made with other programs, such as teacher preparation (art integration and infusion) nursing (art as a healing modality), and business (creative thinking).

Our new art and pottery studios are light, bright, and well-equipped. Come to think of it, so are our faculty and students! So, come visit our facilities, get to know us, and see for yourself why our fine Arts program is the right choice for creative exploration.

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