Academic Environment

The learning environment at the college encourages free discussion,inquiry and expression. Student performance is evaluated only on the basis of performance in class or lab, not on the basis of their individual views.

Students are responsible for learning the content of any course of study, participate actively in the class and have the right to take exception to the views presented in class.

Students shall maintain academic standards and are accountable for the honest and timely completion of assigned work, consistent participation in all class, shop, laboratory or clinical activities, and for conducting themselves in an appropriate manner.

At the beginning of each semester the instructor will provide students with a syllabus that contains a description of the course, its objectives, grading procedures, special academic requirements, prerequisites and specific class participation and attendance standards. The syllabus will include a schedule indicating (on a weekly basis if possible) when various course topics will be covered. Copies of syllabi are also available from the Academic Affairs Office.