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7 Week Classes- Mar 20-May 8

ARTS 2510L HY2 25150 Issues in Contemporary Art 1 10:30am 12:00pm F Wilson,E
CIS 1324L ZZ 26428 Software Apps-Relational Databases 1 Online     Lavallee,S
CIS 1325L ZZ 26429 Computer Ethics Privacy & Sec 1 Online     Lavallee,S
ENGL 1200L HY2 25287 College Composition 3 09:00am 11:45am F Faculty,A
ENGL 1210L HY2 25295 College Composition 4 09:00am 11:45am F Faculty,A
HSV 1280L HY2 25157 Individual Assessment & Plan 3 06:00pm 08:45pm T Santaniel,C
HSV 1450L HY2 25160 Found. of Conflict Resolution 3 06:00pm 08:45pm M Ferruolo,L
MAR 1230L D1 25347 Outboard Engine Service I 4 08:00am 02:45pm MT Marsh,J
MAR 2230L D1 26392 Inboard Engine Service 5 08:00am 03:55pm RF Morgan,B
MAR 2350L D1 25348 Marine Engine Diagnostics 3 08:00am 03:45pm W Marsh,J
NURS 1000L D1 25155 Licensed Nursing Assistant 5 08:00am 02:00pm MF Foye,M
PSYC 2200L HY2 25844 Abnormal Psychology 3 06:00pm 08:45pm R Kummerer-,B
SOSC 1280L HY2 25306 Chemical Dependency 3 06:00pm 08:45pm T Anderson,J
SOSC 2250L HY2 26485 Critical Think & Decision Mkng 3 06:00pm 08:45pm M Kenney,M