Basic Skills

One of the greatest barriers to student success in higher education is their lack of preparation in the critical areas of mathematics, writing, and reading comprehension. Over the past several years the College has made a major effort to ensure that all new matriculated students are assessed and then strongly encouraged to begin any necessary remedial work immediately. While the percentage of students testing at the basic skills level in writing and reading is only 13% and 17% respectively, a much larger percentage, 48%, test at the basic skills level in mathematics.

The College needs to ensure that its assessment process works well and that then, through tutoring and basic skills courses, students are brought up to college skill levels as quickly and efficiently as possible. While we are still working on ways to measure student progress through basic skills and their success in the regular curriculum, we have made a start in developing a comprehensive model that will provide information on the changing needs of students and on our success in addressing any academic deficiencies that would impede their progress.

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