Lakes Region Community College

Adjunct Instructor Openings

Adjunct Faculty Positions for the Fall 2017 semester are available for the courses listed below. Interested parties should send a letter of intent, a resume and a CCSNH Employment Application to the Academic Affairs Office at LRCC. Applications will be accepted via email or in person (379 Belmont Rd., Laconia, NH 03246). or Email the materials to: Andree Thibault

Instructors Needed

Design Software Essentials  In Design Software Essentials, students cover the necessary functions of Photoshop and Illustrator. These are the two major 2D image creation and editing softwares. These programs form the foundation of digital imaging in both print screen and video graphics. Students will learn through several lab assignments that cover pixel manipulation, composing, adjusting, and resizing in Photoshop. In Illustrator, students will learn how to properly and efficiently manipulate vectors; how to create and use color properly, and finally how to efficiently output vector images for screen or print. Concepts learned in this course carry over into animation, motion graphics, 3D design, and more. This course is a prerequisite to most core Media Arts courses.

For further detail on the Graphic and Media Arts positions' duties and requirements, please contact Sandra Lavallee, Computer Sciences Department Chairperson, at (603) 366-5368 or slavallee@ccsnh.edu.

Creative Entrepreneurship This course addresses the unique needs of creative people in the creative professions. Students will explore all aspects of living the creative life and building a creative work life through hands-on projects, discussion, and simulation. Topics will include, but are not limited to, the following: assessing your creative personality; exploring career possibilities and creating a plan; business essentials; and branding yourself in the marketplace.

For further detail on the Fine Arts positions' duties and requirements, please contact Elizabeth Wilson, Fine Arts Program Coordinator, at (603) 366-5334 or ewilson@ccsnh.edu.