Course Schedules

Available Course Schedules
*Schedule updates will be posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week

12-week courses that run from Sept. 25-Dec. 15


MATH   0610       Math Prep                                                          R             6:00 – 9:30           3 credits                              

MATH   1280       Topics in Applied College Math                         R             6:00 – 8:45           4 credits              


Second 8-week Term courses that run from  Oct. 23-Dec. 15


CIS          1320       Software Applications                                    T              4:00 – 7:30           4 credits

ENGL     1220       College Composition                                      M             6:00 – 8:45           3

ENGL     1210       College Composition                                      M             6:00 – 8:45           4

HSV        1400       Justice and the Community                           T              6:00 – 8:45           3

HSV        2300       The Aging Process                                        T              6:00 – 8:45           3

HUMA  1310       Cultural Anthropology                                      R             6:00 – 8:45            3

PSYC      1250       Introduction to Psychology                           T             6:00 – 8:45            3

PSYC      1260       Human Growth & Development                    T              6:00 – 8:45           3

PSYC      2200       Abnormal Psychology                                   W            6:00 – 8:45           3

Registration Information

Paper Registration for Returing Students for Summer, Fall and Spring will be accepted starting March 6th, 2017. Please be sure to meet with your academic advisor prior to registering. The Student Information System will open for online registering on March 27th, 2017.

New Students will pick up their course schedules at the mandatory Summer Orientation (dates to be determined). 

Online Registration:   Login to SIS and Instrutions can be found here.
In Person Registration:   Complete the Registration Form and visit the Registrar's Office in Student Services (Turner Building)
By Phone:    Call the Registrar's Office at (603)366-5235
By Fax:    Complete the Registration Form and fax to (603) 524-8084
By Mail:     Complete the Registration Form and send to 379 Belmont Road, Laconia, NH 03246
For more information on Registration please click here.

Course Types

Day Classes:  Classes held  from 8:00am - 4:00pm
Evening Classes:  Classes begin on or after 4:00pm
Online Classes:  Classes instructed through Blackboard Learning System
Hybrid:   Classroom and online component
Cooperative Education:   Classroom instruction and practical experience


Additional Information

Before you register, please be sure to review the Tuition and Fees, Payment and Refund policies on the Business Office page.
Schedules are subject to change without notication.